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Contact Holistic Healing Centre, MudgeeEver since I was a little girl I have always had an interest in natural therapies – of any kind – because it just made more sense to me.  Holistic Healing Centre has been a dream and a journey in the making for many years.

Kerrie Schumer, Holistic Healing Centre

I have two beautiful sons: Sam, born in 1997 and Jack, born in 2000. As any mother would feel, I wanted to keep my boys as healthy as I could. After losing both my parents to cancer, my interest in natural therapies grew, so I decided it was time to put my dreams into action.  I wanted to learn something, anything that could help keep my family and others healthy, and stop, or slow down, the progression of a condition that could possibly be avoided using natural therapies. I wanted people to understand that there are many natural options; we may not always need to take a pill for that ailment or condition. Maybe the condition could be treated using the vast array of natural therapies available today. These avenues also need to be explored and I wanted to educate people on the many advantages of trying different modalities that could aid their body’s natural healing process.

My study began in 2008 when my attention was drawn to the fact that many people suffered from ear conditions and sinus problems. As a result, I studied the ancient art of ear candling which then led to my interest in the ancient healing art of Rotai. Completing certificates in Rotai in late 2008 was just the tip of the learning iceberg.

I completed courses under Master Zhang Hao at his college Chi Chinese Healing College at Strathfield in Sydney. These courses were; Acupressure Massage (introduction) in May 2009, Chinese Cupping & Moxa therapy in Oct 2009.

Eastern therapies appealed to me very much and exactly what I had been looking for so I joined the wonderful family at Chi Chinese Healing College and started my Diploma in Traditional Chinese Remedial Therapies (An Mo Tuina). Through lots of hard work, study and many, many hours travelling, I obtained my Diploma in December 2010.

In 2011, an opportunity arose for me to study in China for two weeks, so bags packed and off I went. What an experience of a lifetime! I studied in a hospital near Shanghai under one of the best Eastern Doctors, attended lectures and even got in a spot of sightseeing. At the conclusion of my study in China, I decided I was ready to open my clinic and start practising all that I had learnt.

 Holistic Healing Centre was opened in May 2011 and the real journey began.

My interest kept growing and I studied Myofascial Dry Needling in January of 2011 and obtained an advanced Certificate of Myofascial Dry Needling in January 2012.  Somehow, I even managed to slip in a  course in Lymphatic Drainage in May 2011. June 2012 saw the beginnings of the study of the spiritual healings of Reiki 1.

The learning doors continued to open and my interests began to spread. This lead me to obtain a Certificate as an Infant Massage Instructor in August 2012 and a Certificate in Pregnancy Massage in October 2012 .

The learning will never stop. My philosophy is that the more healing tools I can obtain the more I can help people.Kezza and the master