Acupressure/Chinese massage

Acupressure / Chinese Massage – improve the flow of energy

chinese-massageAn Mo Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Massage) is one of the essences of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years.

It has taken the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine as its theoretic basis and has been developed through constant clinical studies. Because of its marked therapeutic effect, Tuina massage has become very popular in the western world. Tuina massage is also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage and Acupressure, this special type of massage is an important “manual therapy” aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine which works with the healing power and sensitivity of human touch implementing the combination of Acupoint stimulation, soft tissue manipulation, tendon/joint alignment and life energy regulation to restore the balance and harmony of the body. Along with worldwide academic exchange in massage therapy, this branch of Chinese medicine is being recognized as a safe, effective and free of side effect therapy that contributes greatly to the health of the world.

Our meridian system is made up of 12 regular meridians and 8 extraordinary channels/vessels. The 12 regular meridians are described as energy rivers that carry ‘chi’ (our life force) to irrigate and regulate the 12 organ systems.  There are 670 meridian points on the body, the common working points for Acu-therapy is about 150.

Acting principles and proven benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedial Massage

Traditional Cognition

1.       Balancing the Yin and Yang
The body is a unity of opposites and that normal physiological functions result from the balance between Yin and Yang. Chinese massage therapy serves to  regulate Yin Yang balance by removing the excess, invigoration deficiency in order to restore the body’s harmonious state.

2.       Flowing the Energy Meridians
Meridians are responsible for keeping the life force Chi and blood circulation inside of the body. Obstruction of the meridians is the leading cause of disharmony and disease. Chinese massage therapy activates and regulates the flow of meridian ‘Chi’, promote the distribution of the body’s self-healing energy and influence the functional activities of relative organs that the meridian system connect

3.       Regulating ‘Chi’ and Blood
‘Chi’ and blood are the basic and very necessary components of the body. The healthy body depends on the strong vital ‘Chi’ and sufficient supply of blood. Any excess and/ or deficiency in ‘Chi and blood circulation will result in occurrence of disease. Chinese massage therapy is aimed to regulate their flow and balance.

4.       Regulating Internal Organ Functions – through Acu-stimulation and massage techniques

5.       Restoring & Treating Injured Soft Tissue

6.       Lubricating Joints by removing wind, cold or dampness as well as Chi and blood stagnation.

From a more western point of view, Chinese massage has been proven to:

  1. Regulate and improve blood circulation
  2. Assist with the improved function of the respiration system
  3. Regulate the digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, motor system and also help with skin conditions