Corporate massage

Corporate massage – reward, energise and motivate your team at work

Corporate massage at work  Mudgee
To Relieve, De-stress, Refocus and Refresh, use massage as a fortnightly or monthly treat, or as a workplace incentive.

Your staff is one of your greatest assets so keep your team performing at their best by looking after them and rewarding them with a workplace massage. Numerous studies have shown that investing in a corporate health program actually saves companies money in the long-term.

Corporate massage can improve your organisation’s profitability by:

  • Increasing productivity as staff are relaxed, energised and better focused;
  • Lowering stress by releasing tension in the neck and shoulders that cause headaches and stress which can have an adverse effect on job performance and health if left unaddressed;
  • Less absenteeism because a happy employee looks forward to coming to work and will go the extra mile for you!
  • Reducing staff turnover through high staff morale and employee appreciation and loyalty.

Seated Massages can be conducted at the employee’s work station. Session lengths are 10 minutes and 15 minutes, which is within the span of a typical coffee break. The employee sits in an ergonomic Seated Massage chair and the massage is conducted over the clothing without oils.  If a separate room is set up for massages for the day, half hour and 1 hour Table Massages are also available with relaxing music and soothing aromatherapy used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Whether you decide on an ongoing corporate massage plan for your organisation, PAYG (Pay As You Go) by employees, or just book a single session as a reward to a staff member; you will discover just how powerful the effects of massage in the workplace can be.