Eastern Hot Stone Massage Therapy

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Eastern Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Massage with hot stones is one of the oldest known healing therapies known to man, with many ancient cultures using warm stones to assist with the healing process of the body.

The Chinese used heated stones more than two thousand years ago as a means of improving the function of internal organs, opening up the meridians (energy pathways within the body) to increase and heal muscle function and to aid in ridding the body of toxins.

Today, hot stone therapy is used to work the muscles by heating them to allow deep tissue manipulations.  Hot stone massage is also known as the most relaxing massage you will ever experience.

Philosophy of Hot Stone Therapy

The ideal human body temperature is thirty seven degrees celsius.  When the environment is too cold, or the body’s fight/flight system is activated under mental stress, the brain, the heart rate and the vital organs speed up.  As a result, blood flow is shunted from the extremities and muscles and directed to the vital organs to facilitate the increased level of arousal.  as a result, the limbs circulation is down and drop in temperature can occur within just a few minutes and resulting in muscle/joint stiffness or pain.

A large percentage of heat is lost through the head, combining this with modern stressful living, which affects the brain.  Long term exposure to air conditioning, the cold outdoor environment, over consumption of cold food/drink or wearing insufficient clothing etc can all lead to loss of heat in the body which effects our internal environment leading to muscle pain and stiffness.

Holistic Healing Centre’s eastern hot stone therapy not only focuses on using hot stones to warm and regenerate and relax the muscles, it also incorporates the meridian system.

Acupressure points are activated to stimulate organ function and warm stones placed on acupoints assist with opening up the meridian, which may become blocked, due to lifestyle factors which can contribute to disease.  Warm stones are also used to glide over certain meridians to activate, stimulate, energise and aid the function of the pertaining organs.

Some of the many benefits of hot stone therapy include;

  • Relaxes muscles, thus allowing for improved circulation and healing;
  • Activates and unblocks the meridian system;
  • Improves health conditions such as low chi levels, low energy, fibromyalgia, arthritis and musculoskeletal problems and more;
  • Improves sleep. You will have such a deep sleep after your hot stone massage;
  • Relieves pain within the body;
  • Releases toxins that gather within the body, in the muscular system, meridian system and organs.

Massage, and the use of warm stones, can help release these toxins from the body.  Always drink warm water with lime after the treatment and for the following next five days to help rid the body of toxins.

You will feel amazing!