Chinese Moxibustion – radiant herbal heat therapy

Chinese Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion is the practice of burning herbs on or close to the body in order to generate specific therapeutic effects.

It is a unique form of heat therapy used along with acupuncture for centuries. It involves burning dried leaf of the mugwort plant (moxa) to produce a penetrating heat. This heat can be directed into acupoints, muscles or joints.

Benefits of Moxibustion

        • Very effective in the turning of babies in the breech positionMoxibustion
        • Accelerate the circulation of ‘Chi’
        • Disperse stagnant blood and fluids
        • Alleviate muscular spasm and pain
        • Reduce residual swelling and stiffness
        • Eliminate accumulations of cold or dampness
        • Strengthen metabolism and immunity
        • Relax the body

moxa stickCommon Methods of Moxtibustion

Moxa Stick/Roll
Using this method, the practitioner can to use a warming method, holding the stick over the skin in a fixed position and varying the height of the moxa stick 1 – 3 cm above the skin in an effect of accelerating acupoints and stimulating ‘chi’.  Alternatively the practitioner can move the stick above a meridian in a circular or straight action. This technique helps with the removal of stagnation and the flow of the meridians.

Moxa Cone
The use of loose mugwart shaped into a cone is also very effective.  Moxa ConePlacing a slice of garlic or ginger, or salt onto the chosen acupoint or injury, then placing the cone shaped mugwort on top of that to burn, has a very healing effect. When used in the appropriate way, the effect of using a garlic base to burn moxa cones over an acupoint will assist in the dispersing of dampness. Ginger can disperse cold, and a salt base can assist with stopping diarrhoea.

Moxa boxesMoxa Box
The use of a moxa box is very popular. By placing a moxa stick inside the box, you can then place the box over the acupoint or injured section of the body. Leaving the box in one place has the gentle effect of providing deep heat to one area, or the box can be moved over the targeted area to remove stagnation and restore the flow of meridians.