Pregnancy Labour Partner Training

acupressure in labour

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Give yourself, and your labour partner, the gift of knowledge through the journey of labour and birth….

Are you really prepared for labour??

Do you have a labour/birth plan??

Do you know what you would like your partner to do for you while you are in labour? How they can help you?

Does your partner know what they can do for you?

Your labour/birth partner can help make the journey of labour easier and more enjoyable.


  • Discuss the importance of having a labour/birth plan, preparing for labour, designing an area of your house where you will labour and how important this is;
  • You will learn to identify the different stages of labour;
  • Your support person will learn techniques and acupressure to offer you pain relief, emotional support, contraction distraction knowledge and much more;
  • You will both learn the benefits of breathing techniques and how this will help you to have a more relaxed labour and how, breathing techniques will benefit you and your baby;
  • You will also learn meditation and affirmation to help prepare your mind, body and baby for your labour and birth.

Having a labour partner who is knowledgeable in each stage of your labour, what is happening to your body and how they can offer you pain relief, emotional support, provide distraction from contractions, assist with breathing techniques and much more is an invaluable asset to your labour journey.


Classes are privately run in your home or at the Holistic Healing Centre.

Cost of class is $85.00 and runs between 1 – 1.5 hours.